Cindy Crawford’s New Workout Video Exposes Her Secret to a Sculpted Booty at 53

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Cindy Crawford may be a famous supermodel who has actually enhanced numerous publication covers and style runways, however she has actually set rather a name for herself in the fitness world too. Crawford, 53, has actually starred in numerous workout DVDs and just recently introduced a line of premium, pre- and post-workout powders called Ladder with NBA star LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Crawford is no complete stranger to publishing her workouts on her Instagram account, and in her most current post, she shares a butt exercise finished with a conditioning ball.

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Cindy Crawford, 53, simply published a brand-new butt workout video on her Instagram the other day. Crawford was carrying out a series of conditioning ball crouches.

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In the video, Crawford carries out numerous associates of conditioning ball crouches, in which she crouches down to tap the conditioning ball on the flooring and after that brings it up overhead. This exercise not just reinforces her legs and glutes however likewise fires up her core and shoulders. It takes some severe ab activation to raise that conditioning ball! Crawford credits her fitness instructor, Sarah Hagaman, whom she has actually dealt with for more than a years, for creating total-body, circuit training workouts that can be done in the house.

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Crawford isn’t daunted to utilize a range of strength training tools either. In June, Crawford published a video where she’s carrying out a genius substance exercise that includes utilizing a bench and sandbag.

Back in December, Crawford wowed us with her treadmill drills, and she’s likewise a fan of utilizing resistance bands to instill brand-new obstacles into her bodyweight workouts.

The ethical of Crawford’s fitness journey is that it’s never ever far too late to get in shape and revamp your workout regimen. At 53 years of ages, Crawford is looking much better than ever!

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A roundup of the world’s fittest superstars would not be total without J.Lo. The 50-year-old star has among the fittest bodies in business, and nowadays she’s typically seen exercising with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, who just recently opened a fitness center in Miami.

Ripa is a fitness fiend, however a great sweat session isn’t finish without the best playlist for the daytime talk program host. Her fitness instructor informed InStyle, “We are both consumed with discovering the very best music. It truly drives the workout.”

Among King’s tricks to success is Paleta, a regional, natural meal shipment service. “It’s truly terrific due to the fact that they make food for all of my household. It makes it a lot simpler for me,” she informed Byrdie.


As a fan of the Tracy Anderson Technique, Ross does not pretend an in shape body comes quickly. She informed InStyle, “At 18 I may have gotten up like this. At 45 I work for it.”

A routine at Heart & Hustle Fitness Center in L.A., Union often shares her difficult workouts on her Instagram, and it’s absolutely not for the faint of heart. Kettlebells, resistance bands, the squat rack, gliders, oh my!

Aniston is the queen of defying age (simply have a look at the images from her 50th birthday celebration). In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, she exposed that she owes her rock-hard body to her boxing sessions with fitness instructor Leyon Azubuike.

Supermodel Crawford understands it takes effort and devotion to remain fit. She often publishes about her workouts on Instagram, exposing that she strikes the fitness center most days, even on weekends.

Hurley, who’s been a charm and fitness icon for over 3 years, remains in remarkable shape by remaining well-hydrated. She consumes 2 cups of warm water right when she gets up in the early morning and informed Women’s Health that taking a seat with absolutely no interruptions has actually assisted her enjoy her meal and enhance her food digestion.


Singing and dancing on phase isn’t for the physically unsuited, specifically when you have relocations like Shakira. Her fitness instructor, Anna Kaiser, developed an unique HIIT training program for Shakira to assist her prepare yourself to explore for weeks on end.

The celeb fitness instructor turned celeb herself consumes every 4 hours to stay up to date with her really active way of life and consumes a really healthy diet. However on the weekends, you can discover her enjoying Chipotle, Unreal chocolate bars, and natural string.

Kidman matured running and is likewise a fan of spinning and yoga. When inquired about her trick to success, she stated she takes an useful technique. “It’s strolling a course that’s eventually 80 percent healthy,” she informed Women’s Health.

Seymour credits her remarkable swimsuit body to her healthy diet, that includes lots of veggies, fish, chicken, and shellfish. “I will have cheese sometimes, and if I do consume dessert, I’ll simply have a couple of tastes,” she informed Byrdie.

This Genuine Homemakers of Orange County star is understood for her remarkable swimwear body. She exercises at Cut Fitness and—not a surprise here—just recently won a fitness competitors.


Mann is among those superstars that appear to age in reverse. And, obviously, biking has something to do with it. She and her hubby are regulars at SoulCycle in Santa Monica, according to PopSugar.

According to an interview with The New york city Times, the Modern Household star strikes the fitness center, however does not take…