Excellent Counsel field hockey takes a no-sugar promise, making its wins even sweeter

Good Counsel field hockey takes a no-sugar pledge, making its wins even sweeter

“Being off sugar and sugary foods truly assists me psychologically and physically,” Excellent Counsel’s Lauren Gerold, left, stated. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

Excellent Counsel field hockey gamers had an uncommon cheer after their win at Bishop Ireton last month.

“Milkshakes! Milkshakes!”

The group makes a “no-sweets” promise throughout the season, however the Falcons’ training personnel used an exception as unique inspiration prior to the essential Washington Catholic Athletic Conference match on Sept. 18. After a 3-1 triumph, gamers thrilled at the opportunity to indulge their craving for sweets. One cheat day won’t injure excessive, right?

That milkshakes have actually ended up being such an uncommon reward is a testimony to Excellent Counsel’s whole-body method to fitness. The season began with a discussion by a nutritional expert, and gamers got packages to assist them separate the excellent sugars (such as those discovered in fruits) from the bad (cakes and sweet bars).

“We truly concentrate on nutrition and being the healthiest variations of ourselves to assist us play much better and be much better colleagues,” senior Cheryl Krizmanich stated. “And it’s a difficulty, me being a sugary foods addict myself.”

To please her yearnings, Krizmanich relies on fruit bars — “I get them from Costco and I swear they taste much like Fruit Roll-Ups, however they’re natural” — and dried mango pieces. Senior Jessica Moore depends on healthy smoothies, and senior Lauren Gerold consumes almond butter for breakfast every early morning.

“Being off sugar and sugary foods truly assists me psychologically and physically,” Gerold stated. “It keeps me fit and truly makes me feel much better.”

Excellent Counsel Coach Kelly Massino brought the “no-sweets” guideline with her when she began as the university coach in 2016. Massino obtained it from her own high school coach at Springbrook, Kearney Blandamer, who likewise provided Massino her very first training task in 2010 as an assistant at her university.

Excellent Counsel field hockey coach Kelly Massino initially understood of a “no-sugar” promise from her own high school coach at Springbrook. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

Massino extends the dietary difficulty to herself throughout the season, denying herself of, many painfully, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

The fourth-year coach is a licensed yoga trainer in addition to an athletics instructor at Excellent Counsel, and she arranged a yoga session for the Falcons last month to additional promote a healthy way of life.

“Whatever we do truly brings us much better as a group,” Gerold stated. “It truly assists us link on more of a spiritual level; you can see that on the field.”

The Falcons’ 6-6 record so far this season does not stand apart, however the protecting Washington Catholic Athletic Conference champs have actually fought through a difficult schedule, consisting of uneven losses to Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland powerhouses Spalding and Fort Forest.

The win versus Ireton strengthened Excellent Counsel as a leading group in the WCAC ahead of face-off at St. John’s on Thursday. The competitors have actually fulfilled in the national championship each of the last 5 seasons. The Cadets had actually won 3 in a row prior to the Falcons’ 2-1 double-overtime win in 2015.

Excellent Counsel gamers and coaches think their physical fitness and their discipline, both sharpened by their “no-sweets” promise, can assist them to another champion season.“‘

Their conditioning revealed versus Ireton. The Cardinals controlled the very first 10 minutes of video game, culminating in an objective to take 1-0 lead, however the Falcons outlived them. After Ireton’s early strike, Excellent Counsel reacted with unrelenting pressure on the Ireton defense to score 3 unanswered objectives and take the 3-1 triumph.

“It truly can benefit not just their athletic efficiency however their brain function, their sleep schedule, their energy levels, and I can see that when we play,” Massino stated.

Yet regardless of Excellent Counsel’s pride in their healthy consuming, Massino is under no impression that every gamer toes the line at all times.

“They definitely cheat, however they do consider it knowingly, which’s what I desire,” Massino stated. “I desire them to be considering what is finest for them and finest for the group.”